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Win Playing Bonus Showdown at All Slots – It Is Time to Win 5,000 Loyalty Points and Multiple FREE SPINS!

Winning has never been as easy! Playing the very best casino games every gambler has ever wished to play, and winning the very best prizes and benefits is now easier than ever before, and all you have to do is get into your favourite casino and start seizing the multiple opportunities offered you! Bonus Showdown which is now available at All Slots can also be played by you at multiple other wonderful casinos such as All jackpots Casino, First Web Casino, Wild Jack Casino and VIP Lounge Casino! At each and every one of them your single act of registration (mostly accompanied by playing during the rounds) makes it possible to win up to 5,000 loyalty points, up to 100 credits and a share prize of $125,000 which can be yours in no time! The end of THIS summer is surely going to be much better than any other previous summer with the best promotion of them all – Bonus Showdown!

Give Me Some Online Casino Games Tips! How Are Prizes Claimed?

Nothing is as easy as claiming your prizes and surely nothing is as fun! After you play (and enjoy) the different games you become qualified to win your prizes and it is a matter of taking the right steps, in order to let yourself enjoy all the great fortune the casino world has to offer you! So, the first thing you have to do is get into the webpage of Bonus Showdown Promotion and then click on "Draw My Prizes". Once you do – nothing can stop you!

I Can't Wait to Get Started!

That’s the best news! You don't even NEED to wait any longer since everything is already available for you! As a matter of fact, it is better that you DON'T even wait any longer since each and every day is a unique opportunity to win more and more prizes!

The very first moment of this great promo starts at September the 6th. From 7:00 AM, GMT you can start playing and winning as much as possible and a whole week of promo celebrations will start at that very moment! The round will last a whole week and will come to an end at September the 12th at 23:59 PM, GMT. Round # 2 will start at the following day, September 19th at 7:00 AM, GMT to be exact. Another week of promo celebrations will start then and the last moment to win this round will be at 23:59 PM, GMT. No fear! The end of the second round is surely not the end of the whole promotion! A third round, taking place from September 20th until September the 26th will also start at 7:00 AM GMT of the first day and will be over at 23:59 GMT, PM of the last day. The fourth week will be your last opportunity to play 7 days a week since although it starts at September 27th 7:00 AM GMT and ends up at October 3rd 23:59 PM GMT, the fifth and last week starts at October the 4th 7:00 AM GMT and ends up only a few days later, at October the 6th at 23:59 PM, GMT. Make sure you maximize the time offered to you so you truly get to win as much as possible! Benefits are wonderful and there is no reason you miss even a single one of them!

How Do I Win the Prizes During the Rounds?

Being introduced to the best online casino game tips for Canadians is surely a very smart move if you want to become a pro when you start playing! Be focused and remember each and every advice given to you before you get started…

As a general rule, a minimal number of days is required in order to win prizes – three days a week to be exact. The only exception is the first round (the first week of the promotion) during which you will be qualified for 1 prize even before you play even one single day or game!

Generally, playing 3-4 days will qualify you with 1 card. This 1 card is convertible and you can replace it with 1 prize whenever you wish! Make sure you claim your prize (AND use it!) at the same round you won your card since in case the round is over and you haven't used all that you have – the cards and prizes are automatically forfeited. Playing 5-6 days will grant you with 2 cards which you will be able to replace with 2 prizes once you choose to do so! Are you a true casino enthusiast? If so, you probably know by now no week is worthy unless you played all 7 days and made the most out of the promotion. If that is the case, you surely deserve to be well remunerated and 3 cards will be yours for each such week. 3 cards are worth 3 prizes and all you have to do is simply claim them.

Prizes, Prizes… PRIZES!

 Prizes… and many of them! And they can all be yours! When you win the FREE SPINS prize, for example, you open the door to the great adventure of playing for zero deposits the very best games all gamblers found as truly rewarding! Ariana, Avalon, Asian Beauty, Sure Win, Bridesmaids Online Slot, and Hot and Heads are going to be in your pool of possibilities as you ask yourself in which games you want and can play for FREE. 100 – 5,000 loyalty points are going to be completely available for you as you start on winning, and 2 – 100 credits are surely not going to be a strange grant as you will be completely qualified for them!

Win Playing Bonus Showdown at All Slots! GOOD LUCK!