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Share $100,000 in February: Play Cupid’s Target to win your share at All Slots

It’s amazing that we’re already talking about the newest monthly promotion from All Slots and affiliated casinos.  Come January 31, it will be easy to play Cupid’s Target to win your share at All Slots.

Everyone Swoons in February

February is the month when lovers express their undying devotion to each other.  Cupid is about with his love arrows.  You and your love are Cupid’s Targets this month.  Every week in February, Cupid will draw lucky tickets from his drum of tickets.  If your ticket is drawn, you’ll win a cash prize.  Cupid – actually All Slots and Jackpot Factory – are giving away $25,000 every week in Cupid’s draw.

How to Earn Tickets

You’ll want to earn as many tickets as possible every week during February.  You earn tickets by playing at All Slots and affiliated casinos.  For every 50 Loyalty Points you earn each week, you’ll receive one ticket to that week’s Cupid’s draw.

You can also earn tickets by playing on many days during the week.  The Cupid’s Target Ticket Booster will shoot your ticket totals high and far!

  • Play for three days: You get 3x the tickets you earned.
  • Play for four days: You get 4x the tickets you earned.
  • Play for five days: You get 5x the tickets you earned.
  • Play for six days: You get 6x the tickets you earned.
  • Play seven days: You get 7x the tickets you earned.

Clearly, by playing every day, you can earn perhaps thousands of tickets to that week’s draw!

Get Lucky and Get Away

Here’s one of our free online casino tips for Canadians: Come what may, play on February 7-10.  Three lucky players will be chosen at random out of all players actually playing when this extra prize is awarded.  The three lucky winners will each get a Valentine’s Weekend vacation for two worth $1000. 

We suspect that Canadians might appreciate a few days away from ice and snow!

Every Week 1440 Players Will “Get Lucky”

Here is the chart describing the winners in the weekly Cupid’s draws:

  • 5 players will each win $1000.
  • 10 players will each win $500.
  • 25 players will each win $100.
  • 50 players will each win $50.
  • 100 players will each win $25.
  • 250 players will each win $10.
  • 1000 players will each win $5.

Here’s the second of our free online casino tips for Canadians: Every week try to play every day to earn the highest multiplier.  That’s the most strategic way to play Cupid’s Target to win your share at All Slots!

All Slots’ Sister Casinos

All Slots is not alone in Cupid’s Target.  All Slots is the flagship casino of Jackpot Factory but the other four casinos in the group are also participating in Cupid’s Target.  So, when we say play Cupid’s Target to win your share at All Slots we could also be saying play at Wild Jack casino, or All Jackpots casino, or First Web casino, or VIP Lounge casino!

The great benefit of having several participating casinos is that you have one Cupid’s Target account.  If you play at All Slots one day and at a different participating casino another day, it counts as two playing days!  You can move from casino to casino and earn the fantastic 7x multiplier for tickets earned!

The same goes for play on the mobile casinos.  Every game you play at any participating online, PC, or mobile casino counts toward your well-deserved huge multiplier!

Four Playing Weeks

As you know, January’s promotion began in December so the promotion could go for five full weeks.  February is the month of true love but it’s also a short month so Cupid’s Target will run for four weeks.  Keep in mind that all times are GMT.  Number three of our free online casino tips for Canadians:  Canadian players have to subtract the number of hours difference between your time zone and GMT! 

Cupid’s Target Weekly Schedule

Each week begins at the same time and ends at the same time.  Here’s the schedule:

  • Week 1: From January 31 at 00:01 to February 6 at 23:59.
  • Week 2: From Feb 7 to Feb 13.
  • Week 3: Feb 14 to Feb 20.
  • Week 4: From Feb 21 to Feb 27.

About All Slots Online Casino

Jackpot Factory introduced All Slots in 2000.  If All Slots were a kid, he or she would be pretty young but 15-16 years’ experience is a long time in cyber-years.  All Slots has learned a lot about what online gamers like. 

Some of the other casinos in Jackpot Factory are catching up to All Slots!  All Slots has over 700 games.  With so many games to learn and play, All Slots provides online casino games tips for every game!  In February, one of the best online casino games tips is to play Cupid’s Target to win your share at All Slots!

All Slots features hundreds of slots but if you’ve been pulling a Rip van Winkle, you might think: “who needs hundreds of slots?”  In the old days, slot machines had fruits and bars and were relatively staid entertainments.  Modern video slots, at which Microgaming, the game supplier for all Jackpot Factory casinos excels, tell a story.  You can play romantic slots, perfect for February and for earning the 7x multiplier every week, or you can play slots in dozens of other categories!

All Slots also features many versions of video poker.  This is the favourite poker type for players who love poker but decidedly do not love being bluffed when they have a winning hand!  In video poker, you play against the house.  The dealer, who represents the house, cannot bluff.  It’s a poker lover’s heaven!

In addition to slots and poker, there are many table games.  The standard roulette, craps, and baccarat are here.  There are also over 50 versions of blackjack and many other games that you may not be familiar with at all.

Play for Fun and Qualify Multiple Times for The Draws

Play Cupid’s Target to win your share at All Slots.  Play every day to get the tremendous 7x multiplier of tickets.