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Canadian Passport to Riches at All Slots Casino

All Slots casino has been around the block a few times and knows just what you’re looking for in a quality gaming experience. It’s prided itself on transparency and growth with the ever changing market in mind making it a sought after and favourite Canadian online casino. For this reason it’s always looking to put out spectacular offers and casino promotions for Canadians which is how the Passport to Riches at All Slots casino came about.

A superb opportunity to win, it was designed so everyone wins something when playing their share of online casino games. How can this be? The more you play the better your chances of sharing over $100,000 in bonuses from All Slots. Furthermore, for every day you play the closer you are to that goal. The promotion runs through July and there will be two major drawings, one on July 19th and the other on August 2 where up to $20,000 in bonuses will be given away to several lucky players. All you have to do is play a few games each day and you qualify not only to win this huge sum of money but for all kinds of other bonuses too!

The 1600 club

Every day you play you receive new stamps in your passport. Aside from showing how well traveled you are, the stamps are signs that your winnings are about to expand. Starting this month, as part of the Passport to Riches All Slots casino promotion two to three stamps a day wins you up to fifty dollars, four to six stamps a day up to a hundred dollars in bonuses, and if you manage seven stamps in one day you’ll receive up to one hundred and fifty dollars for your success. There’s also the amazing new welcome bonus for new users which All Slots is putting out whereby you can join the fast lane to the 1600 club. What does this mean?

After a registration offer of five dollars, the first deposit wins you a hundred percent on up to two hundred and fifty dollars plus ten dollars free. The second deposit activates one hundred percent on up to two hundred and fifty dollars, plus fifteen dollars free. The third deposit gets you up to fifty percent on up to five hundred dollars. And the fourth deposit gets you fifty percent on up to six hundred dollars. So if you manage to take all the necessary steps you could win up to sixteen hundred dollars just like that!

More Bonuses

The Passport to Riches promotion has carries even more weight with additional bonuses and ‘souvenirs’ from your travels. Each week when you get your second and fourth stamps more gifts will drop into your package in the form of loyalty points and free spins on many of All Slot casino’s most popular games. But hey! Isn’t this how memories are made?

The excitement and thrill from your gaming experience can easily match the real experience of traveling around the world but there’s no baggage to check in, stuffy airplane cabins to snuggle up in, or long lines at border controls. Collecting your stamps is something you can do right from home with your couch, kitchen and favourite people around you. At the end of the day you can look back on all the stamps you collected, talk about the games you hopefully won big on, decide where to go back to on future trips, and best of all, count up your winnings and put them away for a rainy day.