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Scratch and Win Promo at All Slots - Play All Slots Promo and Win CAD Bonuses

The Scratch and Win Promo at All Slots is finally coming and your opportunity to enjoy I is just a few clicks away! The ability to win CAD bonuses, the abundance of benefits and prizes, the year of Freeplay Giveaway and so much more are just about to be revealed to you and the pleasure is all yours! So those of you who haven't signed up yet to the All Slots casino, I suggest you do and as soon as possible! Those of you who already have – prepare your Inbox and check it constantly since the notifications are just about to be sent to you and you surely do not want to miss it!

So… What is Scratch and Win Promo at All Slots Exactly?

Wonderful question! Some of you are probably reading about it for the first time and it is best to make everything as clear as possible! This All Slots Scratch and Win Promo is A PROMOTION or rather A MONTH OF ONGOING PROMOTIONS all for you! During this month you will enjoy multiple promotions of all sorts that will let you win more credits, get free spins, enjoy casino CASH for more games and the best of all – A whole year of Freeplay Giveaway about which we will explain very soon. At the bottom line… the meaning is that All Slots Casino is now rewarding its players and you, as a signed up one can become one of the real casino winners too!

Awesome! So, when exactly is it All Happening and When Can I win CAD bonuses?

Well, as every fine promotion, there is a starting point and an ending point of which you surely want to be aware. When it comes to this AllSlots Scratch and Win Promotion there are actually nine rounds during which you can play and join the real casino winners. The rounds are:

First Round: Since May 3 at 12:00 GMT all through May 5 at 23:59 GMT

Second Round: Since May 6 at 8:01 GMT all through May 9 at 23:59 GMT

Third Round: Since May 10 at 8:01 GMT all through May 12 at 23:59 GMT

Fourth Round: Since May 13 at 8:01 GMT all through May 16 at 23:59 GMT

Fifth Round: Since May 17 at 8:01 GMT all through May 19 at 23:59 GMT

Sixth Round: Since May 20 at 8:01 GMT all through May 23 at 23:59 GMT

Seventh Round: Since May 24 at 8:01 GMT all through May 26 at 23:59 GMT

Eighth Round: Since May 27 at 8:01 GMT all through May 30 at 23:59 GMT

Ninth Round: Since May 31 at 8:01 GMT all through June 2 at 23:59 GMT

Let's Talk Prizes! What Can I win and How?

The most important topic of them all… So let's get to know the different prizes in which we can all win and how exactly we can do it…

First Scratch – Win From the Very Beginning

You can join the real casino winners all the way from your first moment during this Scratch and Win promotion. Your first Scratch awards you on Free Spins on Avalon and the only question is which Avalon you get. If you play through your computer, then the free spins will be awarded on Avalon II – The Quest for the Grail. If, however, it is a mobile device that you're using, then your free spins will be awarded on the original Avalon slot. Moreover, you will be qualified to receive credits of 2 -50 which will be yours, and if you play in the SEK then value of your bonus will be 10 times multiplied!

Reload Scratch & Win card

The Reload Scratch & Win card is another way to gain Free Spins on Avalon and the details of the benefits themselves are highly similar to the first scratch's: by playing via PC the free spins are awarded on Avalon II – The Quest for the Grail and by using a mobile device the free spins are directed to the original Avalon Slot. One way or another, Free Spins are a part of the story!

Guaranteed Bonuses on the Reload Scratch & Win card

Nothing can be possibly better than some guaranteed bonuses. The best part of all the prizes earlier mentioned, both on the first scratch and on the Reload Scratch & Win card is that eventually the rewarding itself is guaranteed to you and everyone's a winner! So don't wait and come along! The joy is all yours!

Year of Freeplay Giveaway – The Dream of Every Gambler

Yes, it is possible. And yes, it happens right here playing this extra fun All Slots Scratch and Win Promotion. So, just to be precise, what this bonus really means is that once you achieve it… you join the 10 lucky casino winners who receive free $100 bonus which are rewarded over and over again every month form May 2015 all through May 2016 which eventually concludes in a whole year! How fantastic is that? Now, in order to win that all you have to do is collect as many golden tickets as possible. The more you collect, the higher your chances of winning are. Each ticket is gained for every $10 you deposit, and you can also win such tickets on the Scratch and Win cards twice every week on the Giveaway dates (May 17 and June 3).

** Please get familiar with the terms and conditions before starting to play at the promotions.