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The Quest - Win your Prizes at All Slots!

November can be a gloomy month for Canadians who must begin to prepare for the long, cold Canadian winter ahead. All Slots Casino is making this month easier and more enjoyable with a new promotion which is designed to help players achieve their goals and realize their dreams. The Quest - win your share of prizes at All Slots! is featured at the Canadian online casino throughout the month of November. You have four weeks in which to earn two prizes per week – for a total of eight valuable prizes. So opt into the promotion today and earn your share of the casino's November give-aways.

A Quest

Everyone has their own definition of "a quest." What one individual sees as a legitimate quest would maybe not interest the person standing next to him. But in general, a quest involves seeking something important. It often involves a journey – either a spiritual journey or a physical journey.

During November the All Slots Casino invites you to embark on a journey through your imagination and add to your casino wins with extra rounds of play, extra payouts and extra bonuses. You don't have to make any special deposit to join the casino's Quest – just play your games as you would normally and get ready to add Quest prizes onto your regular game wins.

Vacation Plans

The theme of All Slots The Quest - Win your Prizes at All Slots involves vacations. Since Canadians will be playing The Quest during a month in which the Canadian winter is starting to blow in, The Quest journeys are focused on tropical hideaways. When you click "Play Now" you'll be instantly transported into a vacation location where pristine beaches, luxury hotels, rolling hills and other images of vacation paradise await you.

Moving gracefully between these islands are speedboats, sailboats, yachts and other water craft which add to the atmosphere of relaxing leisure and warm-weather vacation-time fun.

Prepare Yourself

It's important to understand the promotion before you start playing. One of the most important aspects of this promotion involves the "opt-in" clause which is not always featured in promotions. In general, in order to join the promotion, you'll need to opt in by doing one of the following:

  • Click Opt In, Play Now or To the Quest on the promotion page, located here http://go.jackpotfactory.com/hlpromo/Nov/TheQuest2015.html
  • Click the To the Quest or Play Now links that are included in the  email that the casino sends to announce the promotion
  • Click the Play button on your personal My Offers page. This will take you to the promotion page where you can proceed.

You'll have to opt in once every week for the four weeks of the promotion. Promotion weeks include

  • November 1st – November 7th 2015
  • November 8th – November 14th 2015
  • November 15th – November 21st 2015
  • November 22nd – November 28th 2015

Loyalty Points and Promotion Points

Once you've opted in to play, all of the Loyalty Points that you earn from your real money gambling activities automatically become "Promotion Points" and are then counted towards your Quest.

The casino sets your goal for your quest and even as you accrue Promotion Points towards that goal you'll continue to accumulate Loyalty Points. You'll be able to use these Loyalty Points at a later time and redeem them for casino prizes. So throughout the month of November you're actually amassing two sets of prize points without making any extra deposits!

Be sure to check out your goal's first stop. There will be a $5 give-away waiting for you to launch you on a rewarding and satisfying quest journey.

All Slots Online Casino

Regardless of your gaming device, your preferred games or your casino platform, you'll enjoy high quality casino entertainment with the regular All Slots games PLUS The Quest - win your Prizes at All Slots!

The casino offers hundreds of game options. Slots enthusiasts will thrill to the wide range of slots games which include both three-reel classic slots and five-reel video slots. For players who are interested in a more traditional gaming event the casino offers entertaining parlour and card game options such as roulette, baccarat, craps, poker and blackjack. There are also games for people who would like to enjoy a quick lottery game in which they can find their win within minutes.

The Quest appears on all casino platforms so regardless of whether you're playing on a public Internet browser at the Flash Casino, on your laptop or desktop PC at the Download casino or on your Android, iOS or Blackberry smartphone at the Mobile casino you'll enjoy a high quality casino adventure in which your quests can net you big casino prizes.

Online Casino Games Tips

There are some online casino tips for Canadians which boost your potential for maximizing your gambling event. Some of the top online casino game tips include:

  1. Play games that you enjoy. Even if there's another game with better odds or one that's luck-vs-skill instead of skill-vs-luck (or the other way around) you have more chance of enjoying a more fulfilling gaming event if you are fully engaged in your game. So pick a game that suits your personal interests and fantasies and look forward to a successful gambling experience.
  2. Set your budget before you start to play and don't exceed that budget. It's easy to tell yourself "I'm going to just play for a little while longer and earn back what I lost" or "I'm on a winning streak so why stop now?" But those are the kind of rationalizations that indicate that you're not controlling your gaming pursuit – the gaming is controlling you. Regard your casino activities as entertainment. Just as you set your budget for other forms of entertainment, you should set your budget for your gambling activities as well.
  3. Take advantage of the casino promotions and bonuses. Those are the times when you have the most opportunity to earn the most amount of money.

The Quest - win your prizes at All Slots! offers you new avenues to in which to enhance and expand your casino gambling entertainment.